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Visit to My Daughter in Vegas
When I got there about 7:30p.m. we needed to go out and get birthday gifts for all the kids
since all their birthdays are next month.

This my daughter Laurie,
We didn't have enough room to carry everyone so she rode in the back.

This is Justin, he likes gun's and trains. He is 6 and is all boy!

This is Taylor and she like dolls. She is 3 and is a hoot!

This is Alicia, she likes boy's, mostly Justin Beiber. She is 9 and is in control!

This is Laurie and Howard. They are in Love......

Howard trying to teach Justin how to hold the gun.

Alica loading her nerf gun which she then proceeds to shoot everyone.
Mommy unwrapping the gifts for Taylor.

The next day Laurie, Taylor and I got up went to Breakfast
at the IHOP and commenced to go site seeing.
Our first stop was the Clark County Museum
The airhorn was the one restored by Rick's Restoration



Sorry was shooting through plexiglass

The Pictures below were in the Printing Press Shop.

This is still at the museum... No this is not Laurie's home.

She is saying "Come on down and visit us"

This trike is the trike that was restored by Rick's Restorations

As seen on Pawn Stars on the History Channel as a consultant
This is the curator of the Clark Couty Museum Mr. Mark Hall-Patton
He is a really great person.

Next we moved on to Rick's Retoration
This show is on Friday nights on the History Channel and is one of my favorite.

First saw and got to meet Tyler (Rick's Son)

We got to meet "Cowboy"

Got to meet Rick the owner and man does he do some amazing work!

In fact got to meet the whole gang!!!!!!

Next we went to The Pawn Star's Pawn Shop also as seen on the History Channel on Monday nights.

Inside the pawn shop. The only one that was around was the "Old Man" and they said he was napping.

We then went to "The Valley of Fire"

Sorry but that is all the pictures I have since I only remembered to bring one memory card and it filled up fast.
This was a fun and memorable trip and it was fun to share it with my daughter and granddaughter.
Believe or not we did all this is just one short day!
Oh, forgot the most important part after we left the Pawn Shop my grandaughter took me to